About me

I love cooking food, displaying food, trying new recipes, and sharing food with family and friends. All food related topics intrigue me.

Recently I have taken my love for cooking and have transformed it into a healthier cooking style, while maintaining delicious taste, and feeling like I am never missing out on good foods. I have experimented with many foods and recipes to find what works best for me. Eating foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates has allowed me to loose weight, feel energetic, gain great focus, and overall have a better well being. To date I  have lost 62 lbs, my blood pressure is great, cholesterol is in good standings, and triglycerides are spot on. I continue my journey to maintain my weight and work on loosing a few more pounds until I reach my goal. 

While experimenting with my favorite foods, I have tried many recipes from cookbooks, social media, other food and cooking sources. I'm here to share with you my favorite finds and will be sure to let you know where the recipe originated (the best I can).

No matter what diet you follow, you will find something delicious here. Please come enjoy the journey with me!