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Cauliflower Tabouli (Tabbouleh) Salad

Tabouli salad or Tabbouleh is a Mediterranean vegetarian salad of finely chopped vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions), lots of fresh parsley, fresh mint, and bulgur wheat (which I substituted with cauliflower to make it low carb / keto friendly), all seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

This refreshing salad is perfect for these hot muggy summer days. This is the time of year where my herb garden is loaded with mint and parsley making it the prefect time to make this salad.

Cauliflower Tabouli (Tabbouleh) Salad
Cauliflower Tabouli (Tabbouleh) Salad
Cauliflower Tabouli (Tabbouleh) Salad

Cauliflower Tabouli (Tabbouleh) Salad


4 cups fresh cauliflower rice (not frozen, not cooked)

1 1/2 cups cucumber — chopped

1 cup vine ripe tomatoes — chopped

2 green onion, white and green parts - finely chopped

1/2 cup fresh parsley — chopped

2 to 3 Tablespoons fresh mint — chopped

2 Tablespoons olive oil

1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste Directions:

In a large mixing bowl. Toss 4 cups cauliflower rice with tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, mint, olive oil and lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper. Serve immediately or store in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Notes: 1. don't be shy with the mint - it's the star of the show! 2. Serve with crumbled feta cheese 3. I think it tastes best after sitting for 30 minutes or longer in the fridge.

Nutritional Information: Calories 27.5 Total Fat 0.1g Total Carbohydrate 5.7g Dietary Fiber2.3 g Protein 2.2 g

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