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Sausage Kale Soup with Parsnips | Dairy Free | Keto | Low Carb

This amazing, hearty and delicious Sausage Kale Soup with Parsnips is full of vegetables and big flavor. I was really in the mood for soup on this cold and windy winter day. I had plans to make a vegetable soup this week but wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to make. I was looking for something a bit hearty, comforting, and dairy free. I am experimenting with cutting out a bit of dairy from my diet for a couple different reasons (we can chat about that another time). I started looking through my recipes to come up with something that would meet all my needs, and be delicious. One of my needs was that I wanted to use what is my pantry and refrigerator (I was not about to go out again on this cold wind day). I had coconut milk and chicken stock in the pantry; sausage, bacon, kale and parsnips in my fridge. I have quite a few parsnips stashed away in my fridge since I receive them almost weekly in my winter CSA. They are really tasty, I love them, however I use them sparingly since I watch my carbs daily. They are prefect for soup, they hold up nicely, you only need one or two in each bite. This is a spin off from my Pumpkin Sausage & Kale Soup. I have substituted coconut milk for the heavy cream, I used parsnips instead of fresh pumpkin, added bacon for depth, and red pepper flake for a little spicy kick. Give this healthy Sausage and Kale Soup a try, it is hearty and satisfying. It is low in carbs, keto friendly, and dairy free.

Sausage Kale Soup with Parsnips | Dairy Free | Keto | Low Carb

Sausage Kale Soup with Parsnips | Dairy Free | Keto | Low Carb

Sausage Kale Soup with Parsnips | Dairy Free | Keto | Low Carb

Sausage Kale Soup with Parsnips | Dairy Free | Keto | Low Carb


1 pound bulk Italian sweet sausage

4 slices bacon

1 small onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

1 cup parsnips, peeled and cut into small cubes

6 cups chicken stock

1 14 oz can coconut milk, unsweetened

4 to 5 cups Tuscan kale, stemmed and chopped

Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper


1. In a soup pot or large Dutch oven over medium-high heat, add the sausage and cook, crumbling it with a wooden spoon, until browned. When browned and cooked through, drain and set aside.

2. In the same Dutch oven cook the bacon over medium heat until crisp, about 5-10 minutes. Remove the crisp bacon and set aside - don't get rid of the bacon fat. Add in the onions, garlic and parsnips; cook until onions are soft and translucent, about 5 minutes. 3. Pour the stock in with the onions, garlic, and parsnips. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium and add the kale. Simmer about 5 minutes or until kale starts to turn bright green. Add coconut milk, red pepper flakes, and cooked sausage; heat through (do not boil). Add the bacon just before serving. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Dutch ovens cook with a nice even heat, they are great for cooking soups and stews.

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